How To Put Together A Page For A Comic Book By Scott Barnett

Ever wonder how a page of a comic book is put together? Here, the team of Jeff Marsick (writer and creator) and Scott Barnett (artist and creator) will show us how they did the first page for their creation.

The comic book is called Dead Man's Party. A story of an assassin putting a contract out on his own head.

"Super smart, sardonic and packed with surprises." ~Novelist and Birds of Prey writer Duane Swierczynski

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Step 1 - The script is written, based on Jeff's plot, in this case, page one of the first issue.

Step 2 - Based on Jeff's script, Scott lays out the design of the page.

Step 3 - After wrangling up some photo reference, Scott pencils the page. Here's where he fine tunes the detail.

Step 4 - Scott paints the page in gray tones.

Step 5 - The painted page is scanned, where Scott converts it to neutral gray, adds any effects and/or retouching needed in Photoshop. Then the black borders and lettering/sound effects are added.

Page one is complete!

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