How To Carve A Basswood Bottle Stopper by Bob Stuart Of OLD MAN CARVINGS

Bob Stuart of OLD MAN CARVINGS shows us how to carve a basswood bottle stopper. Thank you Bob for giving us the permission to share your awesome talent! Please visit OLD MAN CARVINGS to see more amazing carvings.

Cut Basswood to 2" sq. x 4" long.

Drill a hole for the sealing cork.

Shaping the Basswood block with a carving knife.

 More shaping of the Basswood block with a carving knife.

Bob's still at it :)

Shaping and Outline completed.

Detail power carving with a flexible shaft foredom and burr.

 Power carving the details.

Detail carving's completed.

Wood stain applied.

 Multiple coats of Marine grade Urethane applied.

 Sealing cork added.

 Completed Basswood Bottle Stopper with display base.

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