Video - Black Cat Sketch Cards By Nicole Goff

Here's a fun video put together by Ms. Nicole Goff.  Nicole was working on some of her official Spider-man sketch cards. From watching the video it looks like she used 5 sketch cards of the Black Cat in different poses. This allowed Nicole to edit in a way that the Black Cat is dancing to the Caramelldansen song. Not sure if I'm explaining this correctly so why don't we just click on the image and enjoy the show! :)  *special appearance by Mandy

If you'd like to see more of Nicole Goff's video just click here and/or stay tuned for we will be posting more of her work in the future. Thanks again Nicole for giving us the permission to share your work.


  1. I love this!!! How do I get in contact with her to find out if I can feature the video in ACEO Magazine Online?
    Angela Taylor
    ACEO Magazine Online

    1. Hey Angela,
      I've linked her DA and YouTube account. That's all we have…


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